The Lycanthrope

By Pyro1588

Chapter 1: Prologue

My name is Konlar. I am a Lycanthrope, or a were-wolf. I was born that way, not bitten by one, as some people believe. You see, many people consider lycanthropes to be cursed or possessed. They think that we should be destroyed because we are evil creatures.

No one has ever stopped to think that maybe we are human just like everyone else. For this reason, we are still persecuted because of something about ourselves that we can't change.

Many of our people have been attacked by soldiers, and even more have been captured and burned at the stake. People assume that, just because we aren't exactly like them, we don't deserve to live.

It's a hard life as a lycanthrope. You're always wandering. No place can be your true home, because you are discovered much too often. Then you have to escape and begin wandering all over again.

This is how I have lived my whole life. This is the story of my life. It began several years back, when I was still a young child...


The air was filled with the sounds of screaming. The village had once again been discovered and was being attacked. Innocent women and children, all lycanthropes in their human form, were running away from the soldiers that were raiding the town.

"To the desert! They can't track us there!"

The man who yelled that was cut down immediately. But the message had been given. Lycanthropes can survive for several days without food or water. This is why they had their village on the southeastern edge of the Yampi Desert.

All the lycanthropes began to flee to the desert. The soldiers didn't pursue them.

But as they ran out onto the sand, they were suddenly cut down by dozens of arrows. The soldiers had thought of this route of escape and had placed archers in the desert.

As they realized that they wouldn't be able to escape into the desert, they ran back into the town. The soldiers were ready.

The soldiers had planned this to be their final attack. This would wipe out the lycanthropes forever.

But there was one thing that the soldiers had overlooked: Tonight was the wrong night to attack.

The clouds in the sky suddenly began to clear, revealing a full moon. The lycanthropes were aware of this and immediately looked up at it.

The soldiers were overwhelmed by a sudden onslaught of viscous wolves. The animals were slashing at their faces with deadly claws and using their teeth to rip out the soldiers' throats.

But even during this moment when the odds had apparently flipped, the soldiers took the advantage. The animals weren't armored, and the soldiers still had swords and bows.

One by one, the wolves were felled. After half of them were gone, the rest began to flee. The soldiers attempted to pursue them, but the wolves easily outran them.

By morning, most of the fires set by the soldiers had burned down. All that was left was smoldering rubble. The bodies of the lycanthropes had been piled and burned.

Far off to the southwest, the lycanthropes had found a new area for a village. It was much more sheltered and protected, and required scaling a cliff to get to it. Garoh was founded.

Back at the old village, there was silence. A bush rustled. And then, a boy, no older than thirteen, crawled out of it.

He was very dirty from all of the smoke and ash. His clothes were shredded. He was completely alone here.

He looked around at the destruction that was his village. Then he saw the burning bodies. There, at the outer edge of the pile, was his father's body, or what was left of it. The boy sat down and cried himself to sleep. Fortunately, the soldiers had chased the werewolves out of the village and hadn't come back to check for survivors.

Several hours later, he woke up again. He realized that he needed to go find a town if he wanted to survive.

He dug through the rubble of his house and found a different set of clothes. He was also able to recover a single item of his from the rubble: his knife. His father had made it for him and had taught him how to use it. The handle was wrapped in black leather, and it had a wide hilt. The blade was six inches long and serrated at the base on one side. He sheathed the knife and strapped it onto his right thigh, ready at a moment's notice.

He began to walk to the southwest. If he followed this path for a few days, he would come to Mikasalla.

After an hour of walking, he was feeling hungry and thirsty. He quenched his thirst at a nearby river, but he had no food with him.

Suddenly, he saw a large rabbit staring at him. He lunged at it, unsheathing his knife as he flew towards it.

The knife missed the rabbit and stabbed into the ground. The rabbit was off and running. The boy set off after it.

As he ran, he suddenly felt himself changing form. Soon, he was chasing the rabbit on all fours as a wolf. In this form, he outran and caught it quickly.

When he was done eating, he suddenly changed form again. As a human, he quickly retrieved his knife and sheathed it, then continued his trip.

'Why did I change form in the middle of the day? That only happens at night with a full moon.'

His thoughts were interrupted by a rustling behind him. He turned around to see a wild boar, ready to charge him. If this animal were to charge, he'd be dead.

He began running away from the animal at full speed. But the boar charged anyway. It was quickly catching up to him.

"Come on, change form!" he yelled at himself. And suddenly, he did. As a wolf, he outran the large pig until he came to safety.

When he was safe, he changed back into a human. He was starting to understand how to change his form at will. It was like whistling: the actual technique was impossible to explain verbally, but when you figured out how to do it, it became a second nature to you.

"Well, at least this will save me in a tight spot," he said to himself as he was walking.

Two more days of walking brought him to Mikasalla. Once there, he quickly made his way to the inn and rented a room for the night.

That evening, as he sat in the common room eating his supper, a woman walked up to him and sat down.

She appeared to be in her forties, and looked friendly and caring.

"Where are your parents, boy?" she asked him.

"They're dead. Our village was attacked by raiders and they slaughtered everyone."

"I'm so sorry. When did that happen?"

"Three days ago. After that, I decided that I needed to travel to a town or I would starve."

"Do you need a place to stay?"

He shook his head. "No. I have a room here in the inn."

But she didn't give up easily. "You can't just keep renting a room indefinitely. You are going to need a home somewhere. I have room at my house. My son just moved out. Do you want to live with us?"

He paused, thinking it through. "Who's your husband?"

"He's the mayor of town. We have a nice house and an extra room. I'd be more than happy if you were to stay with us."

He nodded his head. "Okay. But only if you're sure."

She smiled at him. "Of course I am. What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you. I'm Mary."

He finished eating, then followed her to her home.

The house was large and roomy. His room had a large, soft bed in it. Her husband was named Kyle, and was very friendly.

'How long am I going to stay?' he wondered as he lay there that night. 'Oh well. A few days, anyway.'

A/N: Okay, so I did re-upload this. I know. I completely forgot to have it proofread. Thanks so much Wusai for doing that for me. A few things that need to be addressed:
Konlar said that his village had been destroyed by "raiders," not soldiers. Mary didn't know what village he was from.
Mary is NOT the innkeeper's wife. The innkeeper isn't the mayor. Mary just dropped by the inn (for some unaddressed reason) and saw Konlar there. Sorry. I should have pointed that out before.
Taking in a homeless kid isn't unheard of. My parents have done it before. And she was just a runaway. If a kid came to my door who's family had been slaughtered in mass genocide, then I would offer them a place to stay.
No, Konlar won't run across other GS characters. This is many years before GS takes place.
Oh, and Konlar's not just out on an adventure. He's out for revenge >=)
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