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Crater Lake and the spit

Dad had been to Crater Lake once as a kid and it was amazing, so we decided to drive on up and check it out. Yeah, just look at this first picture to get an idea of how majestic it is.

Yup, that's right. A snowstorm.
It's not even that we can't deal with snow; I mean, we're Minnesotans for crying out loud. But we just had our last snow a couple of months ago! And now, instead of the majestic Crater Lake, we saw white. Oh well. I guess I'll have to head out there again someday.
Inset added to give you an idea of what it should look like. Pretty awesome, no?

Inside the Crater Lake Lodge, there were a couple of humongous fireplaces. Nothing says country lodge like the crackling pops and the woodsy smell of a real honest-to-goodness gas fireplace.

Another image of just how huge this lake is. This was a painting hanging over the smaller fireplace.

Family picture in front of the big fireplace =)

We were up on the fourth floor and I had to get this awesome shot out the window. That's a steep slope leading down to the water.

Willamette Pass. Remember Oregon Trail? We win! If Dad were a teacher, this would definitely be a high score!

To paraphrase the immortal words of Eegah (played by Richard Kiel,) "WATCH OUT FOR NEWTS!"

This was the trail that lead out to the spit. For the record, no newts were sighted, but boy were we looking!

Yet another family picture, only this time it's only the two oldest and the youngest. Nifty little trail, though.

And there it actually is! That, my friends, is a spit! For the confused, "
A spit is a depsition landform found off coasts. At one end, spits connect to land, while at the far end they exist in open water." Yay bland wikipedia entry.

The spit was absolutely covered in driftwood of all shapes and sizes. Also horses and hikers must proceed left, which indicates that equines are somewhat more welcome here than they are on the Sundial Bridge.

Oh dear, it looks like some careless driver went and ran over a poor little seaweed. Poor little guy =(
At any rate, seaweed is apparently very ugly and smells nasty while decomposing. Ew.

There was an awesome piece of driftwood that Uncle David said was a very popular photo spot. Yay, another family photo =)

For a true one-two punch, we took another one right after.

A ship was going by and Sam loved it, so I snapped a picture.

I had to get this picture because it really look like the ancient bleached skull of something from Cthulhu mythos. Scary o.O

I guess I was just being kinda stupid. Looking over lands to be conquered, I guess...

Caleb is about to go ninja and FLIP OUT! Remember, "The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people."

Sam decided to try climbing. Frankly, I'm frightened and surprised at how well he did! I was just there to catch him. That's about six feet and he got up there by himself!

Snakes on a plane? That's nothing compared to PLANES ON A BEACH!

This was a lighthouse that looked spiffy. BTW, I love my camera. This was a very small chunk out of a much larger picture =)

That's all I have for the spit. It was nifty, but not as memorable as the nifty nauticle experience up next! But first, some wildlife and hairy spitting demons.

Page 4: Deer and llamas and submarines, oh my!

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