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The drive to Prospect

Next up was the small town of Prospect in southwestern Oregon. We left Dennis's and travelled up. There was a fair bit of scenery before Prospect and tons in it.
A small bit of history: Prospect is an old logging town from the early 1900s. Teddy Roosevelt stayed there, yadda yadda. These days, it's a small tourist trap where a small hamburger can be bought for $7 and two eggs for only slightly less.

Ah, the majesty of Sundial Bridge. Can you tell why they named it that? I'm not sure if it's a glorious monument to a natural 12-hour timepiece or just a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

No horses allowed. Dogs? Fine. Cows? No problem. Buffalo? Aw heck, they're all okay. Just no horses >=(

Yay family picture except I have been replaced by Russel's mother, Loine. She's a very nice lady that we went to lunch with.

This dog was just so incredibly UGLY that I just had to take a picture. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

"Go to Mount Shasta." The awe-inspiring sight of this mountain was only slightly marred by the legions of zombified humans building a massive radio tower at the behest of the evil Dr. Wily. Still, yay for snow-capped mountains =)

Heheh, Weed, CA. What more needs to be said?

Lake Klamath was kinda meh in comparison to Mount Shasta, but it was still quite scenic.

o/` Sequoia Sempervirens, shadow of the ancient dawn o/`
This tree was amazing. The things are huge!

o/` Oh I love my pretty little flowers o/`

You forded the river. You lost 2 wagon axles and 3 oxen. Andrew has drowned.

Once again, the sheer scale of this tree was amazing. I was going to try climbing it, but there were no branches for the first 8 feet =(
Also to be noted: That building is the Prospect Hotel. We wound up staying in the motel, which was essentially a mini Motel Six in the back of the hotel. Nice accomadations, though.

Caleb and the cougar. This was a mounted cougar in the little restaraunt where the hamburger cost $7. On a side note, don't ever bother with a buffalo burger. Buffalo are just bigger stupider cows, and they taste pretty much like bigger stupider cows.

Ooh! Look guys! It's the paper plate in its natural habitat!

This was a local hiking trail. Dad thought the view up through the branches was cool, and by golly he was right!

Aww, how cute.

Family picture next to the waterfall. There was a convenient railing just sitting there next to the path, most likely installed for people to place cameras on.

Hey look! It's a big log laying across the stream! What's the obvious thing to do?

Why, climb on out and take pictures from it, of course! Incidentally, this is probably my favorite nature pic from the whole trip.

This is just a litle bit more of that waterfall.

Sam wanted to take a picture next to the river, so Dad had him hold onto a tree for balance. Cute picture.

Oh wow, these signs have to be the most horrible bathroom signs I've seen yet. Wow =(

Just for clarities sake, the bathrooms have brass figures of a boy and girl peeing in a bedpan. Wow, thank God for modern plumbing =(

Let's wrap up Prospect on another creepy note. I guess someone was either an Ent fan or really just liked freaking out random pedestrians. Those are the only two reasons I can think of to do something like this =(

After Prospect, we drove up through Longview, WA, and stayed with another friend there. After that, it was on to my dad's uncle David's house. We stayed with Uncle David and Aunt Kathy for a couple of days and had an absolute blast. Here's part 1 of that:

Page 3: Crater Lake and the spit

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