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Dennis's house

Uncle Dennis is my dad's older brother. He's the only other guy in my dad's side of the family (post WWII) to serve in the military, and he happened to be in the same branch as I. At any rate, we stayed at his place for a few days and various relatives visited.

My brother, Caleb, is on the right. The girl on the left is Meghan, my cousin-once-removed (or something.) That's a splash ball that she's holding, btw.

This is my uncle Dennis, a retired MSgt in the USAF. He's awesome. We talked about planes, politics, planes, life in California, other miscellaneous topics, and planes =)

This is me and my two younger cousins-once-removed (they all belong to my oldest cousin Sondra.) The one on the right is Julie and the blinking one in the middle is Madison. We're watching Bugs Bunny =)

This would be my cousin Alexis. She's Sondra's younger sister. We chit-chatted a lot, and she made a great human shield when Meghan went crazy with the splash balls.

That would be my youngest brother Sam playing with a bell. Sam loves bells. This one was no exception.

Again, these are Madison and Meghan. Both are trouble.

Julie was too far off to the right to make it into the last picture, so she got her own.

Here's Grandpa, smilin' for the camera =)

Sondra's youngest kid, Riley. He's at the age where he communicates by yelling and excitedly pointing at whatever object has captured his interest.

Oh boy, here's a family picture. I guess I'd better name everyone...
Top row: Aunt Denise (Dennis's wife,) Uncle Dennis, Dad, Mom, and Sondra (Dennis's and Denise's oldest daughter.
Middle row: Madison (cousin-once-removed #3, still blinking,) Grandpa John, Grandma Cherry, and my youngest brother Sam.
Bottom row: Tyler (Alexis's boyfriend,) Alexis (Dennis's and Denise's youngest daughter,) me (grimacing at the camera as usual,) my younger brother Caleb, and my older brother John.
Short person row: Julie (cousin-once-removed #2,) Meghan (COR #1,) and Riley (COR #4,) and the decorative bush.

Meghan, showing off her cute and well-behaved side.

Julie is either contemplative or surprised by the camera.

Meghan, showing off her really well-behaved side.

Talk to the hand.

Just for kicks, a people-under-50 picture!

Awe, ain't she smiley?

Dennis and Dad are talking on Skype to their buddy Zezão in Brazil.

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