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Blech. Today is just one of those days. I've worked teh last three saturdays in a row and now it's my saturday off, adn it'sj just freaking sucked. I'm not saying I don't ever get a chance to sleep in; my work and school hours are all afternoon. It's more that it's teh day where I usually don't have to worry about anything. Maybe a little housecleaning or a smidge of homework, but nothing more.
But this just hasn't worked today. It started out with allergies. I'm not sure whether it was sleeping in a freshly-painted room that did it or if it was that darned cat running around like she owns the house, but my allergies went nuts right from the start and didn't slow down as the day progressed.
Also, today was anotehr painting day, which means I got to help out with painting on and off all day. That wasn't annoying or anything, but unfortuanately, as soon as my room was done, it meant we had to move the stupid bunk beds back in. I was the one who took them apart and stored them, so it was my job to put them back together.
You'd think when you have four identical bunk beds that the parts are interchangable. That was not the case. I screwed and unscrewed those blasted bolts a million times before finally giving up in exhasperation. And then when Dad got home, Mom decided that she would fix everything with Dad's help. This meant that I was called in the room to give my opinion on what was wrong with the beds so that they could ignore it. I mean, why drag me away from my laptop when all you're going to do is ignore me? What is the point?
And when I did get a chance to play on my computer, I wavered between web design and Halo. Unfortuanately, I'm at an annoying "Master Chief versus one bazillion flood battleforms all armed with explosives" point in Halo, so that turned out to be only marginal fun. Fortuanately, my laptop made sure I didn't play long enough to get mad at the game. Instead, it would randomly shut down, redirecting my anger at it instead. The web design went well, considering it amounted to menial editing that was almost formulaic enough to be batch-proccessed, but not quite. And all the time I still had that nagging sense of homework. I have one stupid assignment left that I just cannot make myself complete, and so I worried about that all day.
For some reason, even the anime I watched today got on my nerves. I mean, it had fun moments, but it mostly left me wanting to kill several characters slowly and cruelly. I half considered writing another violent and gory fic just to vent, but decided that a rant would be a better outlet. And so that's what this is. Nothing more than an account of a crappy day by an irate allergic 18-year-old. Grr.


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