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Things that bug me. There are a multitude of them, but I have a few that I want to rant about in detail.
The first is this: People who think that, just because I have joined the Air National Guard, 1. I am Bush's lapdog. 2. I am going to be shipped off to Iraq immediately, given an M16, and get killed. 3. I'm a republican war-monger. 4. I'm stupid.
First off, I am NOT the President's toy. Regardless of political beliefs, the National Guard is under the jurisdiction of the Governor. Granted, the President can call upon the National Guard, but heck, the 148th doesn't get deployed that often anyway, and when they do, it's not always to Iraq. Contrary to popular belief, we have military assets other than Iraq and the middle-east.
Secondly, I'm not going to be a security guard! Nor am I infantry, marines, or even a field medic! If anything, I'll be working in a local hospital! Military does not always equal instant death at the hands of terrorists.
Third, I'm not a war monger. As I mentioned before, I'm going to be working in medical services. It's my job to uphold life. One of the major reasons I joined the Guard was to pay for college. I don't hear any anti-war whiners offering to pay for my college so I won't have to go fight "Bush's war." If they want to, I'll take it, but they don't want to actually take action on that level. Sheesh.
And finally, I'm not an idiot for joining. As before, the danger level for me will be relatively low. The Guard is a good job. They pay well. They pay for college. They might pay for medical school. I don't really see any downsides here. And to those who think deployment is a worst-case scenario, let me remind you of this: The POINT of the military is deployment. We don't maintain a military so they can sit around on base constantly. We maintain them so they are combat-ready and ready to be deployed whenever needed. If I get deployed, which I hope to, I am not defeating the purpose of the Guard; I am FULFILLING it.

Another thing that bugs me is, to be perfectly honest, being treated like a little kid. This bugged me as a little kid but bugs me even more now. I was listening to Tom and Damita (the parents of someone I work with) rant about their son having no common sense because "his frontal lobes aren't developed." Apparently, the "frontal lobes" (note the cool sciency-sounding words they are smart enough to use) are the only thing that give humans common sense, and up until age twenty, they don't exist. Then, when you reach your twentieth birthday, they suddenly and magically appear, giving you common sense.
Damita then turned to me and said, "You know that, don't you? You won't have any common sense until you're twenty. Your frontal lobes aren't developed until then." It was all I could do to smile and nod instead of answering with a hearty "Fuck you!"
Responding in that way would have been incredibly gratifying but would have probably gotten me fired. I think that right there is evidence of common sense, but it can't possibly be because I'm not twenty yet. Arg >>>===(((

And when my parents and I were at "yonkers" (a department store) yesterday, I got another taste of sour conceit and condescension. Long story short, I was riding up and down the escalators with my little brother Sam. He thought it was the coolest thing ever and it kept him out of my parents' hair so they could shop.
When we finished, I went up one escalator and my parents took Sam down the other one. We passed in the middle, which Sam loved, and they reached the bottom. I, being the creative thinker and hyperactive child that I am, decided that, instead of reaching the top, running around the other side and boarding the descending escalator, I would just double-time it down the escalator I was on.
When I reached the bottom, I hopped off just in time to be caught by a grumpy old lady who was apparently a store representative. She glared at me and wagged her finger in my face as she said, and I quote, "THAT is a DEFINITE no-no. Don't do that again!"
She said that. To an eighteen-year-old. One who is obviously NOT six.
Several responses would have been, well, gratifying. "I'm sorry, mother." "Oh great-great-aunt, I'm sorry." "You're not my mother, you old bat." Instead, I bit my tongue, smiled apologetically, and said, "I'm sorry, I won't." I suppose it was the right thing to do, but DAMN! I'm an adult! When will grumpy old people recognize this!?

Ever have the urge to just tell someone "Shut the fuck up!" to their face? Especially when they deserve it? *Exasperated sigh* Poo on people like that =(


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