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Disney movies rock, don't they? At my current job, I'm stuck watching Disney Singalongs for a good part of the day, and while they can get really blasted DAMNED INFERNALLY ANNOYING!, the movies they come from are typically pretty good. Granted, there have been some sucky ones, like Pocahontas and, to a lesser extent, The Lion King (though that was more of a ripoff,) but generally speaking, I love these movies.
Some of them have gotten some pretty major flack, too. The Little Mermaid was attacked for several reasons, one of the main ones being the endorsement of rebellious teenagers. But after reading the original book (where the main character DIED,) I have to conclude that, despite its flaws, the movie isn't all that bad. A little heavy on the cleavage for a kids movie, but even that's improved from the original.
In fact, Disney is really good at taking disturbing stories and turning them into good movies. Look at Pinnochio. In the original story, as soon as he had life breathed into him, he went on a rampage and then got Ghepetto (or however that's spelled) arrested. When the old cricket (who was not nearly as interesting as Jiminey) came to admonish him, the puppet squished him. Seriously. He KILLED JIMINEY. And then the story got really disturbing. To sum it up, I stopped reading it at that point, skimmed the rest, and then realized I was better off not having read it. And yet, Walt Disney took that creepy story nd turned it into a kids classic.
Or take The Jungle Book. The original book, while not nearly as disturbing as Pinnochio, wasn't all that much fun. In fact, it was awefully dry and unfunny considering its author. And once again, good old Walt took it and gave us Balloo the Bear and the Monkey King. Those dudes are awesome!
Beauty and the Beast is totally awesome. The original fairy tale is so blasted vague that no two versions of it are even REMOTELY related. I've seen drawings of the Beast that look more like a biped cebu with a degenerative disease. And once again, it was turned into a classic with beautiful visuals, awesome music, and a great rendition of the plot. And where else do you find a teacup, a candlestick, and a clock all with such interesting personalities?
Alladin was originally a pretty bland tale. Like BatB, it lacked any specifics, leading to renditions where Alladin uses the powers of the (really boring) Genie to summon an army and swarm the palace. And from that we get an interesting Alladin with his awesome pet monkey and a Genie voiced by the awesome Robin Williams. And not only that, but we get a cool villain with a hilarious parrot. Come on, that's a major improvement over a loud monotone dude saying "What do you command master?"
In conclusion, while some Disney movies downright suck, most of them are awesome, and there's noone better at taking scary disturbing crap and making a good movie out of it. Thanks, Disney!


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