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Okay, this is beginning to bug me. My dear friend Kate doesn't really care for Lord of the Rings. I don't really have a problem with that; after all, my taste in music seems weird to most people. Why shouldn't she have different taste in movies? But what bothers me is WHY she says she doesn't like it. Her reason was, "Well, it was kinda a stupid plot. They were just going to destroy a ring."
Arg! LOTR is much more than "just going to destroy a ring"! It's got nine different main characters for crying out loud! You can't just sum it up in one stupid sentance like that!
I also have a friend who didn't like one of my favorite RPGs, Golden Sun, because the plot was "cliche." Well duh! They're going to save the world! How many games has that already been done in? Tons! But there's tons more to Golden Sun. Good characters, a cool battle system, totally awesome music, and beautiful graphics. Why would you reject a game because it can be reduced to the base goal of saving the world? That rules out the entire Final Fantasy series, any Zelda game, most shooters, and a good deal of RTS games.
My underlying point is that most stories of any form can be reduced to one or two mundane sentances. "Hamlet is about a guy who wants to kill his uncle." "Romeo and Juliet loved eachother so much they killed themselves." "Pirates of the Carribean is about skeletons and gold." Get my point?
And what's even worse is when someone reduces something to this level just so they can call it "cliche" or "overdone" as an excuse to dislike it. Really, on a base level, what ISN'T a cliche? What story HASN'T been done? One can say that LOTR is about "defeating evil." Well, so is Chronicles of Narnia, Ah Megumi Sama, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. But these have nothing to do with eachother, nor are they in any way similar.
So why would you call Golden Sun "cliche" because it's about saving the world, or LOTR "stupid" because it's about defeating evil? I challenge anyone to come up with a GOOD story that, on a base level, has never been done before. There AREN'T any. There just aren't. Everything has been done before, so everything is cliche, right?


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