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Welcome to CommodoreJohn's NES Dimension, a collection of reviews of games on classic consoles such as (obviously) the Nintendo Entertainment System. We review the good. We review the bad. We review the ugly mediocre. Feel free to suggest a game for me to review.

Index of Reviews

If they didn't censor "badasses" and "What the hell is this?", why did they censor "has had its ass kicked?"
Wolfenstein 3D
Who's afraid of offending Nazis? Nintendo, that's who.
Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Dream Adventure
Another Hello Kitty game, this one raises the question: what was the guy who made the intro smoking?
Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust
So the dialogue is confusing and inane, but the gameplay and the presence of two cute catgirls make up for that.
Urusei Yatsura
"The pain, the pain..."
Moon Crystal
The reason I hate the Japanese gaming industry: they never translate the good stuff.
Hello Kitty World
Yes, that Hello Kitty. Picture a mouthless cat soaring across ultra-cute landscapes with the aid of a couple baloons. Weirded out yet? Good.
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