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1280x800 is a wonderful resolution. It's a 16:10 aspect ratio, which makes it perfect for watching widescreen movies. It also offers you a lot more desktop space than the old standard 1024x768. And unlike higher widescreen resolutions, it's fits on a small enough display to be available on many laptops. My Compaq has a beautiful screen that runs perfectly at 1280x800 and I love it.

The only problem with this resolution is that there are almost no desktop backgrounds specifically designed for it. You either have to squish existing 1280x960 (or 1280x1024) images or stretch 1024x768 pics into horrible abominations.

I have undertaken the task of creating a collection of desktop backgrounds for this wonderful laptop resolution. Be aware that almost all of these aren't mine originally; I either cropped them or pieced them together from existing pictures. So yes, I don't deserve a lot of credit, but I will take a little for getting at least putting forth the effort =)

95-Tan.jpg98-Tan.jpgME-Tan 1.jpgME-Tan 2.jpgME-Tan 3.jpg

NT-Tan.jpgFor Troubled Windows.jpgElfen Lied.jpgRead or Die.jpgSnow Wing.jpg

Battlefront 2 1.jpgBattlefront 2 2.jpgBattlefront 2 3.jpgChaos Theory 1.jpgChaos Theory 2.jpg

148th 2.jpg148th 3.jpgF-16.jpgF-18.jpgF-22.jpg

Blue Angel.jpgApache.jpgRaptor and Eagle.jpgRaptor.jpgLift Bridge.jpg

Advent Children.jpgCloud1.jpgCloud2.jpgSephiroth.jpgAppleseed.jpg

Halo.jpgHalo 2.jpgHalo 2b.jpgOblivion.jpgOblivion Gate.jpg

Halo2.jpgChaos Theory.jpgEdgeworth.jpgUT2K4.jpgDilbert.jpg

A Wish for Eternity.jpgChristmas.jpgEast Moon.jpgEve.jpgj70.jpg

Congregation.jpgClouds.jpgCloudy Mountain.jpgEvening Bay.jpgFountain.jpg

Define Cynical.jpgLost Igloo.jpgMarble Mushrooms.jpgFirefox.jpgMMX5.jpg



Jedi Academy.jpgJedi Outcast 1.jpgJedi Outcast 2.jpgJedi Outcast 3.jpgPika Pika.jpg


Splinter Cell 1.jpgSplinter Cell 2.jpgSplinter Cell 3.jpgSplinter Cell 4.jpgSplinter Cell 5.jpg

Splinter Cell 6.jpgSplinter Cell 7.jpgSteve.jpgSu.jpgSunset.jpg


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